Movie heroes 1:18 by Scale figures

James Bond 007  Sean Connery

knight rider

Mad Max

Mad Max 1.2

Mad Max new soon

The Stig  black

The Stig  white 1

The Stig  white 2

GTA 5 trio new soon

         axel foley

beverly hills cop new soon

Lara Croft: Tomb Raider new soon

batman new soon

pulp fiction new soon

pulp fiction new soon

pulp fiction new soon

pulp fiction new soon

Lethal Weapon new soon

supercar blondie new soon

Miami Vice new soon

Smokey and the Bandit  new soon

James Bond 007  Pierce Brosnan

James Bond 007  daniel craig

Steeve McQueen Le Mans

Steeve McQueen Bullit

Al Capone

Jay K

{ Jamiroquai }

Top Gear Trio

The Stig  white sitting new

Back to the Future Doc & Marty

Jason Statham

Fast & Furious  Paul Walker

& Vin Diesel

Nicolas Cage

Gangster Phil D'Andrea

{ Al Capone bodyguard }

Arnold Schwarzenegger

Elvis Presley

Back to the Future Doc & Marty  new soon

Terminator 2  Arnold Schwarzenegger new soon

walter white 

{ breaking bad } new soon

bad boys set new soon

i legend new soon

The Walking Dead new soon

heat new soon

Indiana Jones new soon

Tom Selleckmagnum p.i. new soon

dukes of hazzard new soon

Fast & Furious  new soon

Ford v Ferrari new soon

godfather new soon

James Bond 007  Roger Moore new soon


Initial D new soon

Starsky Hutch new soon

Vanishing Point  new soon

The Blues Brothers  new soon



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